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heat wave


image here Is it redundant to mention the heat wave? We’ve been very thankful for the AC the past few days and we’ll happily be here on the weekend too. More markdowns have been put on the rack and those summer dresses are being worn straight out of the store (in the endless cycle of […]

orange sky


This video was created by our friend Devon who captured the magnificent sky and lightning show we experienced in Vancouver. Nature at it’s best.



The beautiful 1920s quality of this dress from Chemline  has us hunting around for our copy of Robert Redford and Mia Farrow’s The Great Gatsby and wanting a bit of a lesson on how to dance The Charleston. This video channels it all for us very nicely, plus it’s a great song!

We’ve been following the progress of “eco-luxury” designer Linda Loudermilk since the time body politic was just a dream and we were wondering if there would be the critical support necessary to make it fly.  Loudermilk continues to inspire and hopefully our paths will cross in the future. Recently she was featured in the newest […]

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