new arrivals: eco jewellery…


…as nature intended!

Here are some fabulous new necklaces we have; bold, colourful, and oh so natural. We have bracelets too which we’ll try to post soon.

Send us a message if you’d like any info on these pieces.

Happy Weekend!

(l) tree seed, coconut, & wood necklace $140, (comes as a set with earrings)

(r) ceramic necklace, one of a kind, $198

(l) tree seed & mother of pearl necklace, $160 (comes as set with earrings)

(r) banana fiber and wood heart necklace, $120

(l) Mother of pearl necklace, $120

(r) tree seed multi strand necklace, $120 (comes as set with earrings)

Tree seed necklaces, $120/each

Multicolour wood necklace, $98

Mardi gras! Just kidding we just piled these on but they are sold individually

Long tree seed necklaces, $44 each


One Response to “new arrivals: eco jewellery…”

  1. I love the innovative designs of this gorgeous colourful eco jewellry. I also like the pairing with earrings in some pieces. It’s amazing the beauty we are able to fashion from natural products!

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