bundle up!


The chill has officially settled in the air, and it looks like we’re in for some crisp fall days! We have a great selection of fall/winter coats to keep the chill off and your style sharp (of course!). Come check out these beauties next time your in the neighbourhood, or online.

From Snoflake we have the Amaya coat which comes in a rich dark olive colour. As always, the details and tailoring are stunning. The double collar can be worn done up or left open and the metal buttons are a special extra touch. Fully lined so your sweaters don’t get stuck-we like that!

The Vivre Sa Vie coat from Dagg & Stacey has the cutest fit! It’s in our front window right now and I want to say “awww” every time I look in that direction. Take a peek under the collar and under the button placket and you’ll find some nice extra touches. This one also has a great print lining!


You won’t believe how soft the organic wool is of this hooded Nixxi coat. It’s incredible! Not only that but it has a hemp/silk lining. Only six were made in this dark heather grey colour so you won’t be seeing your clone all around town (it is a bit darker than the pictures show).


P.S. have you heard that Environment Canada is warning that we might be in for a winter like that of 2008! We remember those snow storms fondly as that’s exactly when we were diligently trying to get our doors open for the first time. Maybe the snow will come back to help us celebrate two years!? We shall see…


One Response to “bundle up!”

  1. ハロー。自分は今月の末日で23歳と5カ月になります。そして暑い日になりました。ですからすぐにでもむだ毛は脱毛をやっておきたいですよね。近年では、全国に医療クリニックがめちゃくちゃあります。やりたい部分は、人によりますが、特に脱毛したいのは指です。私は、店舗が多いシースリーに行ってます。そのおかげで、だんだんとムダ毛が減ってきました!やはり一人で処理するのとは、違います。これからもシースリーに通ってムダ毛を減らしたいです。でも、脱毛クリニックに通ったとしても怖いのが脱毛にかかる金額です。それについては、スタッフに聞けばいいでしょう。もう一つ気になるのが、長い間通わないといけないのかです。うちはできれば、一年くらいで全部終わってくれると助かりますね。まあ、シースリーに行きたい人はカウンセリングしてみましょう。

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