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Well now the title of this post seems completely goofy as the sun is shining in full force today. Oh well, it was raining when we took a zillion photos so here’s part 2 of our rainy day photo shoot! We posted the Deborah dress from Sublet a little while ago – it’s impossible not to obsess […]

Sometimes there’s nothing better on a rainy day (we’ve had a couple recently) than to have a little dress up time and pass the day away. So when a friend dropped by this weekend I took advantage of the situation (what are friends for, right?) and we had a mini in-store photo shoot! We ended […]

…as nature intended! Here are some fabulous new necklaces we have; bold, colourful, and oh so natural. We have bracelets too which we’ll try to post soon. Send us a message if you’d like any info on these pieces. Happy Weekend! (l) tree seed, coconut, & wood necklace $140, (comes as a set with earrings) […]

We have another new designer to introduce this season! She-bible, from San Francisco, consists of perfect dresses and separates that you can throw on every day and GO! You’ll look great wherever your adventures take you. We. Love. That. And now a little about them in their own words: Deirdre Nagayama and Stacy Rodgers are two […]

We have a new spring delivery from Dotted Loop * you haven’t forgotten about Mother’s Day have you?! It’s always so much fun picking out new pieces as everything is either “one of a kind” or “one of a few.” We love how one editor described this fantastic Vancouver designer; “Think Audrey Hepburn raiding Cyndi […]

There’s something so satisfying about receiving shiny new jewellery in the depths of January. We have some great new pieces in stock from Kris Nations. As always, each piece is made in San Francisco from recycled sterling silver or 14K gold. Cuff bracelets, earrings and necklaces-here’s a peek!

We have a difficult time keeping all the jewels from Dotted Loop in stock so we are very happy to have a bunch of new arrivals in the store now! We have earrings, necklaces, and bracelets (starting at $16!). They make the perfect gift as most are “one of a kind” and handmade in Vancouver. […]

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