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There are some initiatives that, at their core, are just so simple and yet at the same time one can’t help but think “why didn’t we do this before?” In the case of seed bombs, someone did do it before but I hadn’t heard of it. In fact, it first started in the 1970s! Google […]

I don’t have any imminent plans to head to NYC, but this exhibit would be at the top of my list if I were to find myself back in the Big Apple. For those of you who’ve been doing your eco-fashion homework over the years (it’s ok if you leave that part to us though!), you […]

…hop into an eco-cab that looks like one! You’ll have to be in Toronto but after spending a couple of days tromping around the busy streets ourselves we wish we could’ve hopped in for a quick ride. The drivers, err pedalers, will take you in a six to twelve block radius and it’s free! The […]

We’ve been following the progress of “eco-luxury” designer Linda Loudermilk since the time body politic was just a dream and we were wondering if there would be the critical support necessary to make it fly.  Loudermilk continues to inspire and hopefully our paths will cross in the future. Recently she was featured in the newest […]

joy ride


Spring. Cycling on a Princess Pashley. No gortex. Does it get any better? We’re dreaming this dream…. picture courtesy of Pashley

 Happy Bike to Work Week. Hope you’re all in gear!

Earth Day!


We all know every day should be Earth Day but this celebration gives us a chance to decide on the meaningful changes we are committed to making. Looking for a place to start? One Million Acts of Green might just be all you need. 

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